Affin Moneybrokers Sdn Bhd. provides broking services to all its clientele the following products :


Spot Foreign Exchange
Involving US Dollars against other major currencies such as Malaysia Ringgit, Singapore Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, Pound Sterling and other exotic currencies.

2 Swap / Interest Rate Swap (IRS) / Currency Options
Involving Currency Forwards, IRS, US Dollar Deposits and  Derivatives products.

3 Money Market / BA / PDS Desk
Involving Interbank Ringgit Deposits, Negotiable Certificate of Deposits (NCD), Treasury Bills, Bank Negara Bills, Bankers Acceptance (BA) and Public Debt Securities (PDS).

4 Islamic Desk
Involving Islamic Bonds and PDS, Al-Mudharabah Deposits (MII), Islamic Treasury Bills (ITB), Bank Negara Negotiable Notes (BNNN), Negotiable Instrument of Debt Certificate (NIDC) and Islamic Negotiable Instrument of Deposits (INID).

5 Fixed Income Desk
Involving Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) and Cagamas Bonds.